Sean Spicer and the Curse of the Sphincter

In his first media briefing the White House press secretary admonished  journalists for ‘deliberately false reporting’ on Donald Trump’s inauguration. At issue was the number of people who supposedly attended this thrilling occasion.

According to him the news organizations misrepresented the number of people who turned up to watch the inauguration. he said: ‘This was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration – period – both in person and around the globe.’

sean spicer press conference

Absolute bullshit! Anybody looking at the photographs comparing the Trump and the Obama inauguration can clearly see the difference. Is this what the Trump administration considered to be such an important issue for their first White House press conference?

His ridiculous statement with the “period” led to many hilarious Twitter meme’s

To make matters worse, the Daily Mail reports that they have unearthed an article from his college days, refering to him as “Sean Sphincter” The college newspaper blamed spellchecking for the fault, but is seems that the “correction” was ignored by numerous people before publication. (possibly because Sean Spicer was already then considered a dick).

Spicer then wrote a “strongly worded” letter to the student newspaper.

Excerpt from Sean Spicer letter
‘The response that I received from the publication was that [it] was [an] unintentional mistake which they rectified with a correction,’ Spicer wrote. ‘Maybe I am not all that familiar with the production of a “newspaper,” but I am really not sure how this can be explained as unintentional.’ He continued: ‘I find this notion of the paper subscribing to professional standards rather silly considering the weekly habit of misspellings, misquotes, and half-truths. If the paper is indeed in the habit of using professional standards, maybe they should start to write and report like professionals.’

Hopefully, the White House press secretary will now be referred to as “Sean Sphincter” as most of the comments and news emanating from the Trump administration will possibly be the usual byproduct that passes through the sphincter.

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